What should you do if Instagram is blocked

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In this article you will learn:

  • The reasons for blocking an Instagram account;
  • How to unblock an account with a high probability;
  • How to restore a temporarily blocked Instagram;
  • Whether it’s possible to restore a profile after a month of blocking;
  • How to reduce the likelihood of blocking.

First, you need to identify the reason for the blocking. Usually Instagram sends an mail to the email that is attached to your account. In some cases, this information comes in the form of an SMS.

Reasons for blocking

Usually, blocking a page on Instagram can be due to:

  • copyright infringement;
  • user complaints;
  • insufficient age;
  • exceeding the limits;
  • landing accounts, comment spam, or for mass tagging of photos;
  • for unknown or random reasons, such as at the time of a mass update.

Temporarily banned

How do you know if an Instagram account has been banned? If you see that an Instagram account has been blocked, Instagram accounts stop working and owners receive the message “We have temporarily blocked your account.

You have 30 days left to disagree with this decision.” The main reason for the blocking is “violation of community guidelines.”

The profile is not displayed in the social network search and the administration requires the user to confirm, otherwise the account will be blocked permanently.

Blocked instagram because of age

An overwhelming number of Instagram users received a message that it is necessary to update the terms of use and confirm reaching the age of 14 to be able to use the program.

If the user fails to confirm their age, Instagram will block the account and delete it along with the content within the next 14 days.

In such a situation, the program offers users two options. The first is to appeal the blocking by sending their data (name, date of birth and identity document) to prove their age.

The second is to upload in archive format a copy of their data available to Instagram. This includes personal profile data, all photos and videos in compressed format, messages, data on search queries, lists of followers and the user followers, all the “likes” and comments made.

What happens after 30 days of banning?

There are cases when instagram can be blocked for more than 30 days, what will happen to the account?

Your account will be hidden and if earlier you could find it by a direct link, then after 30 days (sometimes earlier), you won’t be able to do it anymore.

Is it possible to restore it in this situation? It is possible to do it. Yes, it is more difficult, the user does not always have the tools for this, but our practice shows that such accounts can be restored.

How to restore a temporarily blocked Instagram account?

  • You should go to the help center of the social network and find the technical support section here;
  • Prepare an appeal to the workers of technical support.

There you should describe your problem in detail. The operation can be carried out not only from a smartphone, but also from a computer.

How to unblock an Instagram page?

To unblock your Instagram account, click “More”, then “Report it to us”.

There you need to fill in carefully and without error all the fields of the form to restore the Instagram account. Especially carefully fill in your Instagram username and the email that is linked to your account. You will receive a reply from the social network support on this email.

In response to the form, you should receive an email with a code. You should write this code by hand on a paper together with your name and the name of your account.

Next, you need to take a picture of yourself with this letter in your hands. Your face should be clearly recognizable. Now send this photo in response to the letter (JPEG format).

On average, the moderation response time is 1 to 3 days. Sometimes such emails end up in your spam folder, so we recommend you to check it while you are waiting for a response.

Tips on how to reduce the probability of being blocked?

To reduce the probability of blocking you need to adhere to several rules:

  • don’t spam (with messages, likes or comments);
  • Don’t send the same template often;
  • Don’t use bots, scamming software, etc;
  • Send messages with time intervals.

To keep your account from losses, we recommend carefully reading the rules of Instagram. If you violate them, the social network may impose a blocking or even delete the account irretrievably.

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