How to copy an Instagram profile link

🗓️ Updated: 17.03.2023
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Юлія Несмія

Social networks have so rapidly flooded our lives that it is impossible to imagine everyday life without them. In Ukraine, Instagram surpassed even its big brother – Facebook. That’s why this network quickly gained popularity and is still doing so. It is quite a good platform not only for publishing your photos, but also for earning money. But not everyone in it has yet fully understood how everything works. So today let’s figure out how to get a link to your instagram.

How to copy a link to your Instagram profile

Many users have a question about how to find their address on instagram. It is quite simple and easy. To do this, you need to install, of course, the Instagram application on your phone. It does not matter on Iphone or on Android, it supports both systems. 

How to copy an Instagram profile link from your phone

Each update of the application makes it more convenient for its users. For example, a few years ago, it was impossible to copy a profile link from the phone, but you could do it only on the website. Now it is possible, and most importantly very easy, so here are the instructions:

  1. Go to your Instagram page and click in the right corner on the three dashes;
  2. Choose a QR code, it is the fourth in the list;
  3. And click “copy link”.

Now your profile link is copied and you can use it as intended. 

How to copy an Instagram profile link from your computer

It’s even easier to do this from a computer than from a mobile app, in just a couple of clicks:

  1. Go to your page; 
  2. Copy the address bar at the top of the page.

Copy the link to someone else’s Instagram account

You can copy the link to the profile you want, both from your computer and from the mobile app. Let’s first take a closer look at the application from the phone: 

  1. Go to the page you want and look for three dashes in the upper right corner;
  2. Click on them and choose “copy link of profile”.  

That’s all now the desired link is copied to the clipboard.

Unfortunately, you can not do so from the computer. So here’s a little lifehack:

You can copy someone else’s profile link from PC in the same way as you do for your personal account. Just go to the desired page and copy the link from above. 

How to copy the link in a Stories

Making an active link in an instagram storis is not that difficult. It takes about 15 seconds of your time and a few clicks.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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