How to use Instagram Reels ?

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Жанна Манвелян

In this article you will learn:

  • What is unique about Reels;
  • What’s the difference with TickTock;
  • How to create a popular Reels;
  • How to publish Reels the better;
  • What to do for better publication quality.

Reels is a separate feature in Instagram that allows you to record clips with different filters, masks, effects and music. The peculiarity of such publications is that the application selects the content that users like and promotes it in recommendations without contributing additional funds.

When did Reels appear?

Reels first launched in August 2020, thereby becoming available in 50 countries.

In Ukraine, the feature did not appear immediately, partly in 2021, and full use was in August 2022.

What is the difference between Reels and TikTok?

What is the difference between Instagram Reels and TikTok?

The fact is that TikTok is a separate app specifically for video content, while Reels serves as an additional feature in Instagram. That is, TikTok is aimed exclusively at video content. However, while the algorithms of TikTok are more or less clear to us, Reels is still checking and testing hypotheses of hitting recommendations.

How to create a Reels?

There are several ways:

  • Click on the plus sign at the top right of the homepage, the same button is in the main feed.
  • In the separate Reels tab (in the middle of the main bar), click on the camera at the top right.
  • In Stories: swipe to the right of the general panel and scroll to Reels at the bottom.
  • Another option in Stories: if you have actual Stories, you can combine them to create a full-fledged Reels by overlaying music. Sometimes Instagram itself suggests a variation and picks up the music. To do this, go to your Stories and click on the Reels icon at the bottom.


The Reels editor contains the following features:

  • Selecting music from your instagram library;
  • Timeline editing;
  • Choice of video speed (slowing down x3, x5, as well as speeding up x2, x3);
  • Timer to video;
  • Masks, effects, filters.


After mounting the Reels, proceed to the final stage – publication.

Don’t forget to choose an attractive cover for your video, it’s what your subscribers will be looking at when viewing your profile.

Also remember about hashtags and geolocation, they increase the likelihood of clicks to your video, thus can increase the number of views.

When publishing, it is important to select “distribute also in feed” so that the video will also be in the general feed. Subsequently, you can remove this by clicking on the top right three dots: “remove from profile grid”, then the video will only appear in the Reels tab.

Another important fact: Before you post a video, click on advanced settings and select the “upload in high quality” option, then the content will take up more space, but the quality will be much better. In your camera settings select high settings (4k, 60fps, etc.) before you shoot the video.

Reels is now the best option for those who want to get into recommendations and still not pay for advertising. Most users have gained a large audience just because of Reels.

To keep your videos gaining a lot of views, actively post new content and keep an eye out for new reach!

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