What an SMM manager does

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Everyone has heard of such a fashionable profession as SMM manager. Perhaps you’ve even wanted to try your hand at it. Let’s find out who it is and what you need to be able to do?

Who is an SMM-manager

SMM is a person who promotes business. Whether it’s a company, an individual or a brand. With the help of various promotional tools (we’ll talk about this later) helps the brand of the company or individual to declare itself, increase demand and sales.

What should a SMM manager do

On the shoulders of the smm manager falls a lot of work. But almost all of it is interesting and even creative. Content creation, communication with customers, advertisers, partners, market research and analysis of competitors. You definitely will not be bored.

What are the duties of an smm manager:

  • shoot content (photos and videos), Shorts and Reels (short videos for platforms like YouTube; Instagram; TikTok), be able to mount them and come up with stories;
  • creating a content plan, you need to prescribe in advance when to make the post, how to sign it and on what topic it will be, so the page looks coherent, bright and answering all the possible questions when you view it;
  • analysis of competitors. Yes, of course, your product or service is the best, but you need to know what your competitors are doing and what your brand is missing;
  • writing sales texts/ They need to attract an audience so they want to order something and sign up;
  • Arrange for shoots, meetings, promotional stories and posts.

How to promote your brand and make it top one

1. Content

The most important part of success is to choose a few photo and video editing programs and master them completely. Stay on top of trends so you can shoot them yourself. Make friends with Shorts and Reels. It’s important to design your page properly. On average, people will linger on it for 15 seconds. They should be interested in the page description, highlighters, posts to stay on it longer.

2. Strategy

What should your brand or company brand make for the interest of future buyers, partners, subscribers? There should be a clear development strategy. Written business and content plan for promotion.

3. Text

It should be interesting to read, the description of the product should cause a desire to order a product or service. If you develop the brand of the person – the page should fully disclose the person, his life, hobbies, profession.

4. Advertising

Target, advertising from bloggers, a proclamation – choose your way. But advertising must be – about your company should know everything.

How much does an SMM manager earn?

Your income depends entirely on yourself. The amount of your work, sales, reach and asset are the main factors in the success of your work.

If you:

  • know how to use editing programs and create cool videos, own photo editors;
  • great at communicating with people and know how to find communication;
  • can write selling or just interesting texts;
  • you are engaged in copywriting and copywriting;

Rewriting – work with the text, which involves rewriting it for better understanding of the reader, to make it more interesting. Correction of semantic and spelling/grammatical/punctuation errors.

Copywriting – writing your own, unique texts.

  • you know the market, follow and know trends;
  • you know what targeting is and know how to set it up;

Targeting is an advertising mechanism that allows you to find the very target audience for your brand or product/company.

  • be able to fill a site or page, create content and business plans.

If you’re all this – then your salary of smm manager can be from 500$ to 2000$. It all depends on your skills and abilities or the amount of work done.

Smm-manager is a new, popular and interesting profession. Communicating with new people, mastering the market, creating a business strategy, content plan – that’s what awaits you. Success to you!

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