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A few years ago, TikTok was a service where teenagers posted videos of dancing. Now they can make money thanks to the social network. There are several methods by which bloggers earn money from Tiktok.

5 ways to make money on Tiktok

We offer you 5 ways to make money.

Product advertising

One non-obvious way to make money is to leave a link to a site where you offer products or services.

For example, you have a small online store for the decorative candles production. You can create an account in TikTok and post videos in which you show the process of making candles or show the finished work. 

The more people watch your publications, the more likely some of them will go to the candle site and make a purchase.


When your page gains 1,000 subscribers, you have a new feature – streaming. In simple words, it’s a live stream that you go into. There, subscribers can send you on-air special gifts that they buy with funds. 

These gifts are reformatted into a certain number of dollars, but you can withdraw them if you have at least $10 on your balance. Everything works through the PayPal payment system.

Create affiliate content

The more subscribers you have, the more chances that well-known brands will want to partner with you.

Companies love TikTok – because it’s a new platform, the credibility of TikTok-influencers is much higher than opinion leaders on Instagram have.

And that means you can get a lucrative advertising contract with fewer followers than you would need on Instagram or Youtube.

Build a brand

As opposed to the first point, you can first earn popularity on TikTok and then start releasing your own products.

For example, Tika the Iggy dog gained such rabid popularity on the app in 2020 that her owner released an entire line of pet products. Users can purchase these items by clicking the link in her account profile.

Offer your services

A TikTok account is a powerful marketing tool that can help you attract customers and build authority in the field.  

For example:

  • a lawyer can share helpful legal advice;
  • an interior designer can make a video of home decorating tips;
  • a therapist can create an account with short videos to help people overcome difficult illnesses.

The more people who watch your account, the better it is for your personal brand and the better your chances of finding potential clients, and earning at TikTok.

How many subscribers do you need to make money at TikTok

Of course, the more subscribers the better. However, with quality content and upward reach, all of the above will help you start earning even with a small number of viewers.

If you’re really into it, it’s bound to work out. The main thing is to do something that brings you pleasure and useful information to people. 

Upload your videos every day, because the frequency shows your users that you like the content you shoot in the first place.

We wish you to use the information from the article and get your first earnings in TikTok!

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