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Highlights are timeless Stories that you can view on your profile even after 24 hours. That way you can create separate albums, divide them up by topic, and add Stories to them. People will see them as many times as you like. 

What are Instagram highlights for

Eternal Stories are in the most prominent place so that when someone clicks through to your profile, they can get to know it better by looking at the highlights. It’s very good for those who have a business account and sell their product.

However, eternal Stories have gained popularity among regular users as well. In order not to look through the entire profile in search of the necessary information, users go straight to Highlights, it is very convenient.

Where to find Instagram Highlights

All highlights are fixed in the profile, by scrolling you can see all the albums with Stories. There they are signed with appropriate names, so that users can find the wanted content faster.

How to make Instagram Highlights

In fact, there is nothing complicated about how to add highlights to Instagram. It can be done in a few movements.

  • Go to your profile and find the “add” icon after the last Highlights.
  • Next, click on the Story you want to add and select “next” at the top.
  • Create a title and then choose a cover (“edit cover”), the photo will be the main one in the profile album. Press “add”.

You can change the cover at any time, and add another photo from your gallery. To do this, click on “edit cover” and then click on the picture icon.

From there you choose a photo and click “done”.

That’s it! Now you have new Story in Highlights.

How to add Stories to Highlights

  • Select the Story you want to add (it can be a new or archive Story). At the bottom, click on “add to Highlights.
  • Choose which folder you want to add and click on it.

Done! T-hat way you can add any Stories you want.

There is another way to add Stories.

  • To do this, pinch the album with the Stories and click “edit actual”.
  • Go to “Stories” and click on the checkboxes in the Story you want to add. And then you click “done”.

Ideas for Highlights


Right now, an overwhelming number of instagram users are more trying to promote instagram for their business. But for visitors of your profile, it pays to keep it in the same style. 

Choose covers for the album that match the tone of your profile. 

You can create such pictures yourself or find templates through google or on Pinterest.

There you will find many options and cover ideas for your actual ones.

Personal Photos

If you are developing your brand, covers can be made from your photos as well. They can be in the usual version, or they can be blacked out with Stories-themed text. There are many variations, all in the hands of your imagination.


If you want to present yourself creatively and have money for the designer services, make art with your image. It looks unusual, which means that such Stories will be licked more often.

Text on the cover

Each actual folder can be given a name or put some kind of emoji. And to highlight titles, or if they are too long, you can put them on the covers. The first thing the user’s attention will fall on the picture, so he will immediately understand what is placed in a particular folder.

That’s all! 

We hope that the article was useful and allowed you to acquire new skills. Experiment and improve your actual on instagram.

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