How to get into recommendations at TikTok?

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Жанна Манвелян

You make a video, but it doesn’t gain traction?

You waste your efforts, but in return you get a couple thousand views and up to a hundred likes. And you notice that regular ticktoker videos get a million views each. So how does this work?

Here we take a look at:

  • How TickTok algorithms work;
  • How to post content often;
  • What helps you get into recommendations;
  • How not to end up in the “shadow ban”;
  • Which videos get the most views.


Social network algorithms analyze a video and audience interaction with it. First of all, the content is monitored: its uniqueness, subject matter, method of shooting and editing, music selection, keywords and description of the video, and hashtags.

If a video is considered unique and potentially interesting, it gets on the recommendation feed, and then everything depends on its popularity with users.

Similar topics

Make sure you only post videos on the same topics. For example, if you’re posting about video games and fishing, you should create two separate accounts. Do not put everything in one, because content will be viewed by people of different interests, and TikTok will not know in what list of recommendations to send it.


Post content every day, but don’t spam 10 posts a day either, 2-5 videos a day is considered the norm. It is better to analyze your statistics, TikTok itself will calculate when and how many users are active, post content at that time.


So how do you see if a video got into recommendations? In analytics you can also see what countries are watching your content, and what percentage was a particular country.

Here you can also see if you got into the so-called “shadow ban”. Then there will simply be no “for you” tab in the video analytics, but only a “personal profile”.


Follow trends, shoot relevant content and use popular tracks as they also promote your video and give you a better chance to be recommended.

Effects and filters

Don’t forget about effects and filters. You can add these while uploading your video: for example, masks or slow motion effects and the like.

Quality filters increase audience engagement – people love content with any unusual “tricks.”

Leading the way

You’ve probably seen videos like this that intrigue you and you want to watch to the end and then the video is interrupted. Why is it done and how do such publications get into recommendations?

And it’s very simple, when the viewer watches the video to the end and it starts all over again, it already counts as several views, and the more views, the more likely it is to get a lot of views. So, try to take advantage.

Don’t make long videos

Although TickTok promotes long videos, not everyone is interested in watching a half-hour video. Try to keep your video as short as possible.

Make your video looped and endless. So that it starts and ends “seamlessly.”

Sign your video properly

Think of an intriguing title that makes you want to see the video through to the end. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes, what would make you watch the video 2 or even more times?

Shadow ban

TikTok will never promote a video that violates social network rules.

You can get a “shadow ban” if you:

  • Adding too many hashtags – optimally no more than 4;
  • Use foul language in the signature and description of the video;
  • Re upload old videos;
  • Make ads;
  • Advertise other programs;
  • Engage in plagiarism.

Follow our advice, upload your video daily and one of them will definitely get into recommendations and will get thousands of views and likes.

Go get your camera and tripod, subscribers are in for a blast of content!

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