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🗓️ Updated: 22.10.2022
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Everyone who is interested in website promotion knows that those sites that rank on the first places in search results get a lot of targeted traffic. Everyone wants to take their place, but they don’t know how. In this article, we will talk about the key factors that affect your site’s position in a search.

1. Pay attention to backlinks

It’s no a secret that search engines like Google look very closely at who links to your site. If the resource is authoritative enough in its field, then a link from it will have a positive effect for you. Your task is to make sure that your website is referred to. How to do it is another question. But if your site has useful information, it will definitely be reffered, it’s just a matter of time. Want to speed up this process? Then you have to pay.

You can register in special exchanges, where there will be a large selection of sites that sell backlinks. Or you can directly write to the owner of the site from which you want to get a link. It depends on you which option you choose.

2. Behavioral factors are key to promoting your site

Nowadays, when a company like Google has many tools (for example, the Chrome browser or Google Analytics), it has become very easy to track user behavior on a site. It will be immediately clear whether the user will find something interesting on your site or not.

How much time did the user spend on your website? How many pages did he visit? Did he add the site to his favorites to return to it later? It all matters. Website behavioral factors should not be underestimated. And here a good question arises. What can you do?

The simple answer is – you should improve your website. This answer is simple in words, but in practice it is a very large amount of work. It is necessary to check how your site looks on all devices, in all browsers, because if the user opens your website, and it is poorly displayed (small font, for example), then of course he will not stay. Your site will lose points.

There is another option. You can order the purchase of quality traffic. There are companies that are engaged in improving behavioral factors on the site. One of them is TheNitroweb. Great reviews, low prices. Pay attention to them.

3. Internal optimization

Thanks to high-quality page optimization, you can get ahead of your competitors in search results. To do this, you need to pay attention to such meta tags as title and description. Write in them the keywords by which you want users to find this page in the search.

Not many professionals pay attention to these meta tags. And in vain. Search engines are guided by these meta tags: title and description. Title even more so.

Well, we’ve outlined several factors that we believe have a key importance for ranking websites in search. If you want to add something to our list, please leave a comment.

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