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🗓️ Updated: 17.08.2022
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In this article, you’ll learn how to create a child theme in WordPress, how to modify it, and why you need a child theme in WordPress at all.

Why do you need to create a child theme in WP?

The main reason to create a child theme is so you don’t lose your changes, after updating the parent theme. Let’s say you logged in, changed something in the single.php file, and then clicked “Update Theme”. And all of your changes will naturally disappear – WordPress will pull up those files, which the theme developer gives him. To avoid this, just need a child theme.

And another point, how you can use a child theme. Let’s say you are a developer and created your own template. But you want change the design for example. You do not need to create a new theme, just create a child theme, and change styles or some files. All functions will be taken from a parent theme – it is very convenient.

How to create a child theme in WordPress

Why do you need to create a child theme we just talked about, now let’s move on to the main point of this article – how to create a child theme in WordPress.

Step by step instructions

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