Why do you need SEO promotion

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In this article you will learn why you need website seo-optimization, how it works, and the basic principles of seo-promotion.

What is SEO promotion?

First, let’s break down what the term SEO means.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Each search engine (Google or any other) has its own rules and algorithms. According to these algorithms, it determines which sites on which positions to show the user.

SEO is the optimization, configuration of the site.

The task of SEO-specialist to bring the site to such a view that the search engine Google ranked it highly for the right keywords.

Why do we need SEO-optimization at all?

Good question.

You can do nothing with the site, do nothing with SEO, and hope that Google itself will see what a great site you have and there will be a lot of visitors.

But the chances of this happening are extremely low. After all, competitors do not sleep and improve the site, adjusting it to the requirements of search engines. Thus, visitors will find his site, the competitor’s site, in the search, and not yours.

Therefore, the answer to the question – why do I need site seo-optimization – to get ahead of the competition in search results and get more targeted conversions to the site.

What are SEO-promotion principles?

The principles are very simple, but people often forget them.

  1. Make the site for people.
  2. Try to make your page useful for visitors.
  3. Do not cheat. Do not hide anything.

These are basic principles. Keep this in mind when you decide to add a new page to the site. “Is it needed here? How will it help a user? Will a user find the answer to his question on my site?”

If you have an online store, then specify the price of the product. Or forget about the high positions of the site on the request “your product price”.

If you provide a service, write about the people who will provide the service. There is no need to hide or make things up.

Yes, the work of an SEO specialist is not just about following these three principles. There are many ways to improve a website.

For example, we use meta tags (Title and Description) to tell the search engine what our page is about. Google takes this information and uses it in its algorithms. Therefore, it is very important what you put in the meta tags.

In addition, search engines track such an indicator as link weight. They check which sites are linking to you. If they are good, high-quality, then the search engine adds weight to your site and you begin to rank better for a particular keyword.

There is also such a parameter as confidence in the site. For example, at the end of the month you forgot to renew the domain or hosting and your site stopped working. You found out about it a week later, refilled the account and the site is working again. But it has already lost credibility with Google.

Can you give you an example of SEO optimization?


Here we look at your site and see that your site is accessible by two addresses – with https and with http. Fix this with linking those addresses, so you don’t spread the weight around.

Or we see that Google console complains about micro-parsing. We look and see that there are semantic errors. You should fix it.

And you have no headers on the page. How come? You should add them. And at the same time make the lists – they are better understood when reading.

Images do not have alt tags – we lose opportunities. Alt must be filled in!

And so on. SEO-optimization is a lot of different actions aimed at improving the site in terms of search engines.

In conclusion, I would like to address an oft-asked question.

“Which is better – advertising or SEO?”

There is no definite answer to this question. But there is a universal one.

If you need results (sales, orders) right now, then you definitely need advertising. If you can invest in the future – then choose SEO, and the sooner you start working on the site, the sooner you get the desired result.

But there are pitfalls in SEO. There is no specialist in the world yet who would give a 100% guarantee that he can get your site into the top 10 for the right keyword. There are no guarantees in SEO.

So carefully calculate all the possible options. For example, analyze the competition in your niche, order a comparative audit of your site with your competitors. Perhaps the investment in SEO will be too expensive.

I hope this article has helped you understand a little bit about why you need SEO promotion in general.

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