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What is SEO Title tag, why do we need it and how to write it correctly? We will give you detailed answers to all these questions in this article.

What is SEO Title tag

SEO Title is a tag that contains the title of an Internet page. This tag is used by browsers and search engine crawlers.

That is why in the browser tabs you see exactly what the webmaster prescribed in the Title tag:

Tag Title in your browser

And you can also see the SEO Title in the search engine results:

Seo Title in Google search results

The Title tag in the page code is written like this:

<title>Page Title</title>

There is a rule, it should be inside the <head> tag.

So, we’re done with the definition of the Seo Title tag, now we move on to the next question.

Why do you need the SEO Title tag

As we wrote in the definition – Seo title tag is used by search engine crawlers and browsers for their purposes. In this article we will not describe all the details, where you can use the Title. Just say about the most important – if you want your site to rank well in search engines, the SEO Title tag will help you a lot.

SEO Title is needed to tell the search engines for which requests this page should be ranked. That is why everyone tries to put key phrases in SEO Title. SEO Title is very important for search bots. In simple terms, the search bots pay attention to the title tag when they decide which page on your website should be shown for a particular user request.

This is why SEO Title is so important in SEO-promotion.

Now that we understand what the seo Title is for, let’s answer the question: how to fill out the SEO Title properly?

How to write the SEO Title correctly

We have determined that SEO Title helps us in the page SEO-promoting in search engines. It is logical to ask the question, what should be in the SEO Title to get the maximum effect when promoting the site?

Write in the SEO Title key phrases that you want to be found by users.

For example, let’s take an online store in London and the category “Refrigerators”. What should be written in the SEO Title of this category?

The following SEO Title would be a good option:

Refrigerators – Buy refrigerator in London for the best price, reviews

There are a few rules here:

  1. The closer a word is to the beginning of the SEO Title, the more weight it carries for the search engine.
  2. It is dangerous to add too many key phrases – there may be a dispersion of weight. So, each word takes some of the weight on itself.

You can experiment with writing the SEO Title. Sometimes you can improve your position in search by simply rearranging the words in seo title.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Title

How can you find out the page Title ?

There are many options, but the most reliable is simply to open the source code and find the <title> tag.

To do this, right-click anywhere on the page (the main thing is not a link) and select “View Source”. You will see the page code, then using the search (ctrl+f) enter <title> . In this way you will know the page title.

How long should the seo title be?

How many characters should be in the Title? There is a myth that Google says that the SEO title length should not exceed 70 characters (that’s how many characters can be displayed in search results). But this information was disproved by Google employee Gary Illyes.

“industry standards on title tag lengths are externally created and not Google recommendations.”

You can analyze SEO Title sites by yourself. Websites from top-3 of search results will have more than 70 characters title length more often.

How to write the SEO Title in WordPress?

Usually, the default WordPress themes write the post or page title in the SEO Title. That is, how you named the page in the WP admin dashboard, that will be its SEO Title. If you want to change it, we recommend using a special SEO plugin, such as Yoast SEO or Rank Math.

If you still have questions about Title, post them in the comments, we answer them regularly.

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