What is HTML in simple words

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HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. But this is a set of incomprehensible words for beginners. What is hypertext markup anyway? Let’s keep it simple, so that someone who hears about HTML for the second time in his life could understand.

So, HTML is a language that allows us to build pages (and make websites out of them) on the Internet.

Well, that’s better. But still, the question of language remains. How is it a language that allows you to build something? How does html work?

Imagine that you are writing a letter, but what is written there can only be understood and executed by a special person. A letter is an html document where you write, thanks to special characters (tags) that will be placed on the page. And the browser is the same person who understands your language and does what you wrote in the letter.

I hope this is a little clearer. To sum it up: html is the language with which you can build a web page.

If you re-read what is written above, you will be able to answer the next question – why is HTML needed.

Thanks to HTML, we can create web pages, and from them a full-fledged website. That is, any site that you visit is, to simplify, a set of html tags.

What is an html tag?

This is an html markup element enclosed in special angle brackets (<>).

There are different tags. The most popular is the div tag. Each tag has its own meaning. For example, the same div tag creates a block element. The span tag is inline.

I hope that after reading the above, you have formed the concept of HTML for yourself. It is a hypertext markup language. Let’s now try to answer some questions that come to the mind of a beginner.

What is HTML used for?

What can be done with html? Obviously a website. However, with the help of html, both email letters and mailing lists are created. This is often forgotten. With html you will not create a program for a computer. Remember this combination: html -> browser.

Is it possible to create a website without using html?

Yes, you can. Create a text document on the desktop, write your name (or any other text) in it, then rename it: for example, from document.txt make index.html. And open it with any browser. Here you are, you have created a web page without using html. However, if you open the source code of the document in a browser, you will see the html tags. They were automatically created and added by your browser.

What is HTML layout

This is the creation of an html page from a given layout. That is, if in simple words, the designer in the program (Photoshop, Figma or Sketch) drew the design of the site, and the task of the layout designer is to recreate the appearance of the layout using html. This process is called layout.

Well, I tried to answer a simple question “what is html in simple terms”. I perfectly understand that it is sometimes difficult for beginners to understand the meaning of certain words or expressions. So feel free to ask your questions in the comments.

Also, if you find an error or inaccuracy on the page – be sure to let us know.

All diligence and endurance in learning new things!

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